Konsti Club

Who the heck is konsti?

I'm glad you asked!
Konsti's your local pink dog fellow who loves partaking in creative activities. Avid lover of minimal and quirky design, occasional artist, general goofball.

As a creative personality, following in my dad's DIY footsteps, i'll often set out to explore new boundaries and try something new whenever the occasion arises. While they may not always work out, there is always a useful takeaway from each.

Okay, but what's he do?

I love to tinker with whatever I can get my hands on. Illustration, design, technology repair, you name it! In my humble opinion it's good to keep your scope wide so nothing ever gets too stale. One of my most ambitious projects right now is Fluff, a third party redesign on FurAffinity. Through the use of browser addon platforms and my CSS knowledge, I intend to bring FA into the 21st Century.
okay hi