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webXP Development Release

What comes with webXP

Windows Explorer

Explore files on the system and external drives with ease. Create persistent files and folders, local only to your system.

Internet Explorer

A browser inside a browser! Wild, huh? As this is kind of tough to implement and have it work right, it's still very buggy.

Windows Media Player

A copy of Windows Media Player 8, with active visualizer and music-loading abilities, mini-mode and more.


An instance of WebAmp, running natively in webXP, with skin support integrated. Sample skins can be found in its parent folder.


Play like it's 2010 again. No, literally though. It's an old build.

3D Space Cadet Pinball

You asked for it: 3D Pinball in webXP! Instanced from


A replica of Windows XP Solitaire with custom card faces.


A faithful replica of XP Minesweeper, altered for a touch of personalized cuteness and branding.


Fully-featured 3D modeling software, right in your browser. Instanced from ThreeJS.

Abode Photostop

Abode Photostop, an industry-leading photo manipulation and image creation tool. Instanced from Photopea.

Microsoft Virtual PC

Tired of just webXP? Look no further and try this little app out.

Microsoft Visual Studio

Visual Studio (Code), the same fully featured text + code editor you know and probably already use. You'll feel right at home.

Yiff.Systems Visual Rubic 6

A handy Ruby IDE in the works that'll make your task of building webXP apps all the easier.

Dev C++

Native C and C++ code in browser, with the help of WebAssembly. Instance of WebAssembly Studio.


An instance of JSPaint, running natively in webXP for you to enjoy.

Help and About

You're here right now. A glossary of info and progress on this project, to make sure you don't miss anything important.

Zune Player

Portable audio in a desktop form. A fun little trinket, that will hopefully work some day.


A basic little notepad applet like you're used to, capable of opening lots of file types.

Windows Picture and Fax Viewer

View photos and images on your computer.

Command Prompt

The classic Windows Command Prompt, with all your favorite hacker commands, such as "tree" and "techno".

Run Prompt

Use this handly little utility to access any and all means of system and hidden apps.

Task Manager

Control and end your running tasks. Start new tasks if you somehow end up having to.

Control Panel

A home for all your webXP settings, in an easy to navigate list.

Volume Control

Manage the sound levels of all your audio running processes with this tool.

Registry Editor

Windows's Registry Editor, which will soon let you edit all your locally stored settings in depth, with the potential for damage included.

webXP Console

A visual console of everything that's going on in the background as you use webXP.

UI Element Test

A test/showcase of webXP's CSS in action.

About webXP

In case you forget what version you're exactly running.


Super-basic calculator, but it gets the job done.


Trust me. They're harmless.