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    XP visuals

    All visual styles, iconography, cursors, and wallpapers are respective property of Microsoft corp. or their rightsholders. The Windows 95/98/XP/Vista names are property of Microsoft corp.

    Minecraft Classic

    Minecraft classic is property of Mojang AB. The Minecraft logo, branding, and name are property of Mojang AB.


    WebAmp is the work of @captbaritone on Github. Winamp, its visuals, name and sample audio are property of Nullsoft.

    WebAssembly Studio

    WebAssembly Studio is the work of @wasdk on Github.

    JS Ruby Interpreter

    The Javascript Ruby interpreter used in Visual Rubic 6 is part of the Opal project hosted on Github at

    Bassoon Tracker

    Bassoon Tracker is the work of @steffest on Github.

    Three JS

    The ThreeJS library is the work of @mrdoob on Github. The Blender logo is property of the Blender Foundation.

    JS Paint

    JS Paint is the work of @1j01 on Github and is a component of the larger work of 98.js.


    Photopea is the work of @UnrealApex, @landsman, and @splincode on Github. The Photoshop CS2 logo is property of the Adobe Inc. is te work of Jens Duttke, and is hosted under a free, but not open-source model on

    Space Cadet 3D Pinball

    Space Cadet 3D Pinball was reverse engineered by @k4zmu2a on Github, ported to a web-playable format by @alula on Github. The resources and branding of Space Cadet 3D Pinball are property of Microsoft corp.